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HELLO, HOLA! My name is Mercedes Davis! I am an actress, model, ugc skit creator & lover of filming, photography, health and fashion! Im a UGC creator and brand marketing muse based in Orlando, FL.

I've taken acting classes and have two feature films under my belt so far! Ive had the absolute pleasure of working with new brands creating captivating and engaging content on Tiktok and Reels on Instagram.

Im here to give actual honest reviews, Try-ons from hauls, unboxing, results of products (Before & Afters), opinions and bring traffic & sales to your brand!

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Some of my UGC style videos, CLICK!


White Silk Fabric

Pricing structure negotiable per specific needs

Any particular deliverable example that you like or specific ideas you've seen on my page or portfolio, please inquire about that upon booking

We can discuss other options and retainers for long term partnerships and or collabs.

*Customizable packages available upon request

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